Quarterly Resolutions for 2017

My roommate works in tourism and will be spending the first few months of 2017 launching the new branch of her company in Los Angeles. We thought that sharing what we’re calling quarterly resolutions with each other would be a good way to start the new year and keep track of our lives during our time apart.

My Quarterly Resolutions for 2017

  1. Get a new job
  2. Go to kickboxing 2 times a week and yoga 2 times a week
  3. Finish my poetry manuscript
  4. Start dancing lessons
  5. Commit to a writing schedule (at least 1 hour before work and 2 hours after work)
  6. Read Anna Karenina

Also, I’m going to miss this cat! Theo is my roommate’s cat, so he’ll be gone, too.


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