Erasures: A Poetry Exhibition at the Queens Historical Society

I’m excited to announce that my poetry will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the Queens Historical Society in Flushing, New York. Loide Marwanga, a friend and brilliant artist, is the designer. The exhibition, titled “Erasures,” opens on December 2, 2018, and will be on view until September 9, 2019. Also included in the show are works of writers whom I admire—such as Wordsworth, Whitman, Sandra Lim, and Louise Glück.

I’m pleased to be working with an organization that’s dedicated to preserving and celebrating Queens’ culture, which is incredibly vibrant and holds personal significance to me. When they immigrated to the States, my parents lived in Jackson Heights for several years. Even after we moved out to Long Island, we’d visit Queens frequently as I was growing up because of family and the Korean community there.

In addition to exhibits, the Queens Historical Society hosts events and speakers that explore various aspects of Queens. It’s common knowledge that the borough is famous for its diversity and food, but it was apparently also a major hub for thoroughbred horse racing, which is the subject of the museum’s current exhibit. (It’s worth checking out, by the way.) More information on upcoming events and exhibitions is available on their website here.



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